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Fun, Creative, and All About You


Bizzy Bee is a learning and activity center for children and adults of all ages. It is a fun, safe place to spend time with your little ones, get some help outside the classroom, and host an awesome birthday bash or other special event!

What makes Bizzy Bee unique?

Where do I begin? Bizzy Bee is locally owned and operated by Haley Lentman, who is an elementary teacher, mother of three, and Streator native who wants to see options for children and the community grow! The intimate environment provided allows for only 1-2 classes to be going on at one time and for all students/families to feel as though they are getting our full attention and focus!


How about event rentals?

Not only does Bizzy Bee accommodate and offer parties for children, but we can also host your baby and/or bridal shower and other small events. Each and every party is catered to your needs and set up so all you have to do is walk in the door and ENJOY!

Who can take classes?

Classes at Bizzy Bee focus on age groups 0-13 at this time. Different events have targeted age groups, but we always try to accommodate families in any way we can Children with any type of special needs are encouraged! 

Who can tutoring help?

Tutoring is available for students age Kindergarten to 8th grade. Options for group tutoring or individual tutoring are available. 


During classes children will focus on learning without even knowing it! Identifying things like colors, shapes, and letters will be incorporated into all curriculum to help children learn while having fun!


Zumbini is a music based program that offers singing, dancing, and learning through music and interaction.


Other classes will also feature music for warm ups and other activities to get you and your child moving!


Classes will help your child improve hand-eye coordination, balance, strength, and agility.

Zumbini also gets adults up and moving!

Social Skills

Children will be able to interact in an environment that is conducive to social interaction and play. Adults also get to interact and take a break from the every day chaos!

Family Interaction

Classes offer children a chance to interact with their parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or whoever participates in the class with them! This is a special time to focus on something the child enjoys and can be a bonding and memory making experience!

Free Play

Each class will offer a short segment of free play and interaction. 

Open gyms/play are also a great time to just come in and let loose! 

These times bring everything we do altogether!

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